BINZ auf Rügen: Baltic Sea holiday

Welcome to the Baltic Sea resort of Binz: Holiday with lots of charm

seaside resort of binz

Attention: Due to the current situation, access restrictions for tourists on islands in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. As a first measure, the state government decided, the Baltic Sea Islands Rügen, Usedom, Poel and Hiddensee to be closed to tourists. This will be carried out gradually from the 16. March 2020 Performed. All events will be held until 20. April Cancelled, Museums and other leisure facilities, z.B. Swimming pools remain closed, Facilities of the spa administration remain closed. Please have understanding and forbearance, that these measures have been taken, however, the health systems of the islands are not prepared for a larger number of people infected with the coronavirus. The measure thus serves both the Protection of the island population as well as the Protection of guests. In particular, the capacity of intensive care on the islands is not designed for serious disease.

The Baltic Sea resort is located in the Federal State of Meckenburg-Vorpommern in northeastern of Germany on Rügen, the largest island of Germany. It is by far the largest and most famous seaside resort of Rügen. The State-approved Baltic Sea resort is located on the South East coast of Rügen. Nestled between the Granitz (= Forested area in a southerly direction), prorer Wiek in the north, the town borders the Schmachter See in the west and the Baltic Sea in the east. With this travel portal, we have 70 Collected tips for your holiday, which we keep up-to-date. If you are looking for further tips, who looks into one of the listed Guide.

Below are some Events for the 1. Quarter 2020:

  • Festival Spring 2020 by the 13. -- 22. March 2020. Most 15.03.2020 plays Daniel Hope (Violin) Works by Debussy, Schulhoff, by Wetshoff and Bach in the Kurhaus in Binz.
  • The sand sculpture show is off 14. March 2020 to be seen again in Binz. This time biblical themes are shown.
    2019 at the world's largest indoor event of its kind, the world record was again “Largest sand Castle” tried. It worked. The world's largest sand Castle stands in BINZ, Congratulations!

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Photo Impression

Binz seen from the water

Binz seen from the water

The Baltic Sea resort is truly a visitor magnet

Hardly a visitor passes this famous seaside. Not only the many local businesses & Boutiques, Restaurants & Cafes, Bed and breakfast & Hotels, Apartments & Holiday homes, but also the endless fine sandy beach, the always lively boulevard, the white villas of Baederarchtektur are just a few highlights of BINZ. If only a day trip, a short trip over the weekend or a longer holiday, the numerous recreational- and active offers, z.B. Walks or Biking are it, the Baltic Sea resort have made so famous.

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Beach by BINZ

The white sandy beach

Highlight: The Sea Bridge

BINZ has another attraction with its 370 m long Pier, that is visited by both guests and locals like to. The Lake bridge traditional history, who is told again and again.
From May to mid-June 2019, to the 25-jährigem anniversary of the pier, issued a special exhibition of 20 large display boards along the pier. The various landing bridges were shown and e.g.. explains, What has to do the DLRG with BINZ, See also the Chronicle of BINZ.

Seebrücke in Binz

The 370 m long Pier

Lots of action in BINZ

Every year, When Rügen awakens from its winter slumber, held numerous events. Held in the summer months almost daily open air concerts in the Spa square in front of the Kurhaus. The appointment calendar is especially filled in May with its annually recurring events. In addition to the traditional to Baden of the locals and guests on the 1st of may, is the Rügenclassics a few days later -- Vintage car rally from here instead. Also sporting events, as the half marathon and the Ironman 70.3 now belong to the standard range of seaside resort. Unfortunately, the Ironman found 2019 not instead, we hope for a reunion 2020.

The Schmachter Lake

The Schmachter see is located just 700 metres from the sandy beach. He convinces with a beautiful environment and clear water. The Lake is approximately 135 Large hectares and is edged with reeds. It's accompanied by quieter. For this reason is called the well-developed shore area of Lake “Park of the senses”, a remnant of the IGA Rostock branch. Here you'll find the well-deserved quiet and can be calm and relaxed to go the day or at the end of.

Schmachter See

Schmachter see

The village of Prora

In the north of Binz is the district of Prora, known for the longest building in the world, the KdF Prora (“Strength through joy”). This should once 20.000 Vacationers can spend at the same time your holidays. A further highlight in Prora is the Treetop path of natural heritage Centre (Nezr) on the old Forester's House in Prora. Here you have a beautiful view over the Baltic Sea and the island of Rügen.

Treetop path Prora

Treetop path Prora


The seaside was for years only a nearly forgotten fishing village, to 1318 first documentary mention under the name Byntze, up to 1830 the Prince Malte to Putbus there to bathe his guests left. Thus began the economic upturn for BINZ with its ups and downs. Today it belongs to one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Rügen. Thereby we also compare BINZ and Sellin. It is nowhere, whether you rather need the excitement and action on vacation on Rügen or prefer looking for rest and relaxation with the family, is something for everyone in BINZ.

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