Zudar Peninsula: Natural paradise Rügen

quiet, lots of nature and seemingly endless recreational possibilities, z.B. at a wellness weekend on the Baltic Sea

Come to the southern tip of the island of Rügen, the traveller arrives to the beautiful Zudar Peninsula. At its narrowest point, the peninsula is only 900 Meters wide, so that you can easily explore the impressive region on foot or by bike. The sun shines over Rügen anyway and that's why Zudar alone is worth a trip. Because here are fine-sandy Beaches, ideal for a beach holiday. In addition, there are many beautiful opportunities for discoveries, excursions and Moments of relaxation.

Relaxation and wellness offers

The nearest place is the approximately one kilometre away Grabow. The village belongs to Garz. In particular, there are a large number of Holiday homes and apartments. From there you can make many excursions on the peninsula as well as the rest of the Baltic Island of Rügen. On the largest German island there is not only much to see, but there you will also find a large number of relaxing Wellness opportunities. therefore: Enjoy a wellness weekend on the Baltic Sea with Voyage Privé. In an exclusive wellness hotel and wellness resort, a variety of relaxation options await you, from the sauna to the relaxing massage.

Nature at Palmer Ort

Recreation and nature at Palmer Ort

Many natural and secluded beaches

The Zudar Peninsula on Rügen was first 1166 documentary mentioned. The area is ideal for people, who it nature-related and quiet desire. A place, on which this description fits perfectly, Is Palmer Ort. It is the southernmost point the Baltic Sea island and was 2011 from the Michael Succow Foundation as National Natural Heritage assigned by the Confederation. The narrow natural beach “Boddenstrand” is a real insider tip. As it is a little remote, come only few people over. In summer, you can bathe, in winter, a completely different impressive Natural. At low temperatures here the ice in the sea partly meters high. at Anglers the place is also popular, because it is mainly Pike can catch. Before the Beach is a beautiful coastal forest. Here visitors will find an interesting Nature trail with the name “Recognize your world”. In addition, the Prussian Column, which marks the southernmost place of the island of Rügen.

lonely stony beach

Lonely stony beach

Pure history on the Zudar Peninsula

That healthy irritant climate the Baltic Sea also ensures the best possible regeneration on holiday. Find out more more about the Baltic Sea. A beautiful and imposing place for extensive walks and nature experiences is the Yellow shores on the Zudar Peninsula. This is a partial 15 Meter-high steep coast, which consists mainly of sand and clay. It originated in the last Ice age. In the area, a beautiful trail along the water. Here, too, there is a natural beach as in many other places on the peninsula. A great view – in good weather – almost to the mainland, one has Schoritzer Wieck Lookout Tower. In good visibility conditions, the view then wanders to the Greifswald and even to Swinemünde. The Zudar peninsula is also one of the most historic sites in Rügen. Because at the end of the 14. Century, in the year 1372, sank off the bay Palmer place Pilgrim's ship with 90 People. These were on their way to the still preserved St. St. Lawrence's Church, which, for the first time, 1318 has been mentioned in a document. Until the sinking of the pilgrim ship, the church was a very popular place of pilgrimage. The still existing wooden church tower comes from the year 1665.

View of the water towards the island of Riems

Palmer Bay Place: View of the water towards the island of Riems

Map Palmer Place

Map Palmer Place