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Bars & Clubs in the Ostseebad BINZ

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With little more than 5000 BINZ is the largest seaside resort on the island of Rügen. At first glance the number of inhabitants does not very much sounds - elsewhere, such places were probably little noteworthy. Much throughout the year is however available in BINZ. This is first and foremost of course in tourism, the year after year brings many thousands of visitors on the island of Rügen. Ensure the leisure, that in Binz itself bars and Restaurants Worth, would it probably significantly heavier in other places with a similar size. However, this does not mean, that walking out is possible only during the high season. Quite the contrary, the most popular restaurants and bars in BINZ and the surrounding area are open all year round and forward also in the less popular months about visitors. Who wants to increase his budget for a little, can do this for example with gambling on the Internet.
You can find z.B. directly at the Lake bridge “the beach bar”, offers a wide range of cocktails. The service is always friendly. Also there is his drink in one Beach Chair enjoy.

They beach next to the pier

They beach next to the pier

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Bars in the browser

Whether Club, Bar or Disco, a diversified life is part of the holiday. There's plenty of cocktail bars in BINZ. Unfortunately, the once legendary disco Castle “Club lion”, even a casino was housed in the. Instead tritft them here Stage Lionheart at, a kind of cabaret. There's “great theatre” and numerous music events. Earlier there was the disco M3 Miami in the Binzer Prora alias, But history is also. Below an overview map of the current bars in BINZ on Google maps.

Bars in BINZ © Google maps

Bars in BINZ © Google maps

Culinary diversity

Find enjoyment or fare - and more visitors in BINZ and the surrounding of area. Of course, fish plays an important role on many restaurant menus. From smoked specialities to dishes from the catch of the day there is a tremendous diversity here. Who is not among the fish lovers, but do not worry, to stay hungry. The regional cuisine has to offer some more tasty things. These are served in restaurants near the beach or in the actual town centre. The culinary portfolio is rounded off by BINZ international cuisine, where both Asian and southern European or American influences can be found. In short there is a choice of various restaurants here, that is not a matter of course even in many major towns and cities in Germany.

Varied evening

Of course, many restaurants are not the only way, to get a beautiful evening in BINZ. In addition, there is also one or the other here, in the end the day can be a delicious cocktail or a good wine. In the summer it is particularly pleasant for guests and locals, directly at the Beach promenade to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather with views of the Baltic Sea. This look is nice but even in rain or Peruvian skies, also in other seasons the way worthwhile there anyway. In addition, there are still the occasional small bar, in the village itself can be found, either as part of a Hotels or completely self-contained. Luckily the routes are short - just after some glasses should no longer get in your car and go home.