Book shops in BINZ

Attention bookworms: Where can you get reading in BINZ?

books in binz
Holiday one really has time to read a beautiful book. But if we forget with the travel arrangements has to pack a book, then you can buy a nice vacation reading on-site, It then provides entertainment. Whether crime, Non-fiction, Thriller, Children's books or journals, in the Baltic Sea resort of BINZ, you get several books, There is something for everyone.

The book island

The book Island probably is the largest and best-known book landing in BINZ. In the main str. 2 is the business on the left side, If you are on the road towards the Schmachter Lake. This well-stocked book shop has a wide range: Bestseller, Novels, Non-fiction, etc. can you get. If you would like to order something, is it also no problem, because within a day to get his favorite book.

Book Island BINZ on Google maps

Book Island BINZ on Google maps

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 09.00 – 18.00 Watch
Saturday 10.00 – 16.00 Watch

Pride store

At pride in BINZ, there are also books for the holidays. In addition to the current best sellers, you find here also unsold goods at bargain prices. Children's books and murder mysteries, Travel guide of Rügen, there something for the holiday can be found. Who has enough books, or does not belong to the bookworms, He can of course also lots of other things, as toys, Fashion and Soouvenirs. Pride department store is located in the Proraer Chaussee, There is a large parking place.
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 09.00 – 20.00 Watch
Sunday 12.00 – 17.00 Watch

Department store pride in BINZ

Department store pride in BINZ

Kiosks in BINZ

There are also numerous kiosks in BINZ for the fast reading. Magazines, Newspapers, etc. find z.B. Paul Street in the seaside resort. There's children's magazines, Television programme, Books and much, much more.

Kiosk binz

Kiosk BINZ

There are more magazines and newspapers in the supermarkets Edeka, NET etc..

The book Bowl BINZ

BINZ, the book Bowl is located in the middle of the traffic circle in the Proraer Chaussee. Here you can get books and magazines for free. It's small modern building with numerous used books of all kinds. Everyone can take there books to his liking, or even read books set in. So a kind of Exchange. It's mostly older books, must be but don't necessarily have bad. Actually a good thing, Thus land not so many books in the trash. Here you can find also rarities, already in bookstores no longer can be found. So you can find also here his holiday reading, and the completely free.

Book Bowl BINZ

Book Bowl BINZ