The resort architecture

Binzer bath architecture – Memory of glamorous times

If you visit Binz on the island of Rügen the Beach promenade stroll along and pass the Kurhaus, does it feel transported back in time, than the Grand Hotel Still “Klünders Beach Hotel” was and the bathing culture was still in its infancy. You would almost think, it lacked only the elegant ladies in their long dresses and with outstretched umbrellas from delicate lace, accompanied by the equally elegant spouses in the frock coat, He raises his hat to the greetings, If Mr teacher passes with wife wife and the lovely daughters.

Stylish ambience in the Baltic Sea

Today invites the beach promenade with its neat bathroom villas to stroll. But one meets the so typical of the seaside resorts of the Eastern seaside resort architecture in BINZ not only on the sea side.
They range in the village centre with Bay Windows, Verandas, Sided towers and ornate balconies, old houses, which were reconstructed with great attention to detail and now shine in new splendor.

Bathroom architecture in BINZ

Bathroom architecture in BINZ: Villa lake view and Beach House

Individual showpieces – the white pearls of BINZ

All of the often whitewashed villas are unique. Not only, each has its own name. Also architecturally, every house is a small masterpiece. That is so in the years 1896 built in “Villa Ruscha” with its, a Swiss Chalet style house long balconies and delicate ornaments from wood, its glass porch extends over the whole front of the houses on the sea side. That “Loev Hotel Rügen”, that 1890 has been completed, today is through the corner tower of the former “House Vineta” and the subsequent open balconies. And while the “House Guest” a brick building, is the asymmetric façade “Villa Edem” marked by a tower and Art Nouveau ornaments.

Architectural eye candy

Tired seen is hardly on the timeless elegance and beauty of the often multi-storey buildings, which were built especially in the early years. Where is the bad architecture of no stiletto. Rather, various features were assembled, which resulted in a new and distinctive design. So are as well represented as ornaments of the art nouveau style elements of classicism as pilasters and half-columns. Even baroque decors can be found at some houses.