Free parking in BINZ

Where to get free parking in Binz?

In the largest Baltic Sea resort of BINZ on Rügen, the parking spaces are rare. There used to be numerous parking facilities, but now these open spaces have been built, or for the “Wild parking” locked. On the main streets, parking is usually completely forbidden, or you can find a Parking ticket machine. Otherwise, there are still short term parking for a maximum 60 Minutes in some side roads. The parking situation in the adjacent district of Prora in a northerly direction proves just as difficult.

Previously, you could in the dune road, free parking of Göthe road and other roads, but that's unfortunately. The Park House in the Wylichstraße 6 Meanwhile, the first one costs €3, then 2€ every additional hour and is also rather impractical for large cars (Stand 2023). Additional parking is located in the parking lot at the beginning of the Wylichstraße, but the road to the promenade is quite far from here.

An insider tip for a central and even free parking are the parking niches on the left and right in the ring road. This road is located close to the train station in BINZ. The ring road is the connection of the Dollahner road with the Hans-Bagulor-Straße. Here is a residential area located, a school and the Apartments “Strandruh”. The number of parking spaces on the ring road is indeed counted, but often you will find a free gap without time limit. From here is the way to the Beach and the Binzer Promenade within walking distance via Hans-Beimler-Straße.

Parking in the ring road in BINZ, close to train station

Parking in the ring road in BINZ, close to train station

Google maps parking in BINZ

Parking in BINZ: Copyright Google maps

The arrows, drawn in red, show the free parking in BINZ.

Way to the promenade in BINZ on the Hans-Bagulor-Straße

Way to the promenade in BINZ on the Hans-Bagulor-Straße

The short walk over the Hans Beimlerstraße, over at the Cafe Pie corner and beach hotel to the promenade takes only good the Arkona 5 Minutes. If you can save the park fees, then taste the ice cream, the cake or fish twice as good.
Good luck with parking.

Where are the beach-related parking spaces in Binz?

Directly near the beach you will not find any parking spaces, you have to travel a few meters to move from the parking lot to the Beach to get there. At the binz station, there are 200 Parking, which can be used all year round. The P7 Hbf/Beach Mitte cost so far only 1 Euro per hour Between 7 and 19 Watch. The walk to the beach takes about. 10 Minutes.
Another parking lot in Binz is right next to the gas station P1 Proraer Chaussee Here, the Hour 1,50 Euro, the day ticket costs 10 Euro. Way to the beach ca. 20 Minutes.

The parking lot at the spa park with its 50 Pitches cost per hour 2 Euro, a day ticket 20 Euro, Stand 2023.

Parking with parking ticket in Binz

Parking with parking ticket in Binz

What parking spaces are available for shopping?

The smaller shops in the Baltic Sea resort usually do not have their own parking spaces. On the side streets you can park with parking ticket, but the places are mostly occupied. The Supermarkets have a parking space for the duration of the purchase. At Edeka there is a barrier and a vending machine. The net brand discount is thus warned, that third-party parkers can get a parking claw created.

Parking in Binz is also very limited in the current season, below is a map, which shows the current parking possibilities in the Baltic Sea resort. The prices of the parking facilities are usually at the entrance. Villa Seeblick Binz with a red bed symbol marked, the parking spaces are provided by a blue P marked. In any case, you should buy a ticket at the paid parking facilities at a parking machine, because the public order office in Binz is very diligent.

The following map shows the parking spaces in Google Maps:

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