The treetop path Prora


Prora is a part of Binz and is the northernmost suburb of the seaside resort. In the year 2013, in may, the natural heritage centre opened there the island of Rügen with a treetop path and an interactive exhibition.

At eye level

The shape of an Eagle's nest lookalike and a length of overall 1250 The treetop path offers the possibility of meters, to be able to move with the most powerful elemental book at eye level. The visitors of the treetop path is in height between 4 Meters and 17 Available meters incomparable and unique insight into the fauna and flora of the surrounding beech forests. With a little luck, visitors can observe perhaps the local Eagle on their excursions.
The special highlight is the observation tower, What a height of 40 Offers meters and is located in the middle of the path. From this lookout tower from, you get a special and also wide on a clear day views of the landscape of Rügen. On a particularly clear day, you can explore even the steeple of Stralsund or the pylons of the Rügen bridge from here.

Eagle's nest tree top path from below

Eagle's nest tree top path from below

Discovery tour

The diameter of the tower is huge 28 Meter. One is located inside the 600 Meter long ramp, which winds around the tree in the height. The observation deck overlooks this tree but again to 10 Meter. The beginning of the path lies in a filigree wood construction. Then winds its way the path with a gradient of up to 6 Percent continuously up to the forest of Prora. Are you angelagt at the foot of the Eagle nest, so you already have a height of total 42 Meters above the sea level reached. On each level you can learn many interesting facts about the inhabitants of beech forest and the different elements as well as interesting experience stations offered several bulges along the path. Arrived at the observation deck, It stands at a height of total 82 Meters and can enjoy its panoramic view over the natural heritage area of Prora, The Bodden landscape, the Baltic Sea resort and also the Southeast Rügen biosphere reserve and the Jasmund National Park.

Beautiful views of the Baltic Sea from above

Beautiful views of the Baltic Sea from above

Travelling exhibition

The Natural Heritage Centre also hosts numerous travelling exhibitions, which you can visit for free. These change every six months, Admission is free.

Travelling exhibition Nature Heritage Centre Rügen

Travelling exhibition 2019 Rügen Nature Heritage Centre

Monthly program

On the page from the treetop path the monthly program is always compiled. There is a lot of change for young and old. The displays in the Natural Heritage Centre also point to excursions or other events of the treetop. More, Detailed information about the path can be found here.

Hike to the flint fields in Mukran

Hike to the flint fields in Mukran


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