Enjoy wellness in the wintry BINZ

Wellness oases in BINZ

Even in winter, the Baltic Sea resort of BINZ on the island of Rügen is worth a visit! Alone the unique mild climate and the ideal location on the Baltic Sea make the resort an effective action factor. The sea air is a perfect remedy, from everyday stressed people to healthy. In the swanky seaside you can cure in many ways, relax, be active and just relax and feel good. Premium Hotels offer exclusive wellness oases and health packages. Treat yourself to relaxation at its finest at an off-time on Rügen. Indulge yourself according to your taste with an Indian Ayurvedic Spa, an osteopathic treatment, or when conscious detox and fasting.

Ayurveda treatment

Ayurveda treatment and the Baltic Sea in winter are a great combination! During wind and weather out there beat capers, allow yourself to be pampered by a wonderful Ayurvedic massage. Guests can relax on the bed in one of the SPAs in BINZ and enjoy the soothing ceremony of the Ayurvedic full body oil massage. Experience the wonderful optimization of your health and well-being through a gentle massage with fragrant oils. Everything is perfectly coordinated: Silent sounds, the splashing of a waterfall, cosy candlelit, muted colors and pleasant smell nuances make the Ayurveda massage into a feast for all the senses.

Energy in the flow – Osteopathic treatment

In the seaside resort of Rügen you will be treated also by an osteopath. Osteopathy is a holistic, alternative method of treatment to release tension. It is based on the idea, that head, Musculoskeletal System, Spinal cord and internal organs through fine mesh networks, the Fascia, are connected to each other. Looking after malfunctions the osteopath sweeps gently the body with the hands, Removes the blockages and activates the self-healing of the body. Usually have a treatment is sufficient and the complaints disappear.

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopathic treatment on the back

Fasting with the F. X. Mayr Cure

She named after its inventor Franz Xaver Mayr F. X. Mayr Cure, too: Milk bread Spa, serves the cleaning, Detox and detoxification of the body, in particular the intestine. A positive side effect of the natural healing process is picking up. The spa physician Mayr was recognized early on, that many diseases have their origin in the intestine. The treatment is based on four pillars:
Clean-up, Conservation, Training, Substituion and promotes the healing powers of the body.

Sauna in BINZ

Numerous accommodation facilities now offer a little wellness package in the form of a free sauna session. So you can often find in the basement of the booked Self catering holiday rental a communal sauna. Just after a winter walk in the cold Baltic Sea Beach you can then by a “Sweat room” strengthen its defenses and relax well. Villa lake view one finds z.b. a free Finnish sauna in the basement.

Free sauna in the Villa Seeblick BINZ

Free sauna in the Villa Seeblick BINZ

Sauna in the bathroom cart Binzer Beach

From February to end of March 2019 can be found on Beach from Binz near the Lake bridge at the beach exit 13 three bath cart, which have arisen after historical model. Electric saunas are located in two carts, a temperature of 90 Reach degrees Celsius. Provide space for 5 Persons on 4,25 Square meters. The third cart diehnt as a relaxation room. Such a cart can be rented for 3 h, the price is 50 Euro per cart. A deposit of 100 Euro has to be paid, a bottle of water there free. The instruction is carried out by the electoral administration. The carts have a day still up 31.03.2019 by 13 until 21 Open. After that, the space is needed again for beach chairs.
We hope for a continuation in the next winter.

In contrast to Winter Wellness which is advisable in the summer Water sports in BINZ.