Cycling tours from Binz

On Rügen there are ideal conditions for relaxed cycling tours with the whole family. The Baltic Sea resort of Binz is the ideal starting point, to explore the natural beauties of the charming Baltic Sea island on the wire donkey. Drive through picturesque villages and idyllic landscapes and enjoy magnificent views. On the way, cosy inns always invite you, cafés or beer gardens for a small stop. Here are some particularly nice bike tours from Binz.

Cycling from Binz to Sellin

Total distance 18 km, Total travel time: 66 min
This bike tour takes you through the wildly romantic Forest area of the Granitz. The protected area is part of the Biosphere Reserve Southeast-Rügen and attracts with many sights. The slightly hilly ride starts at the Parking Klünderberg. From here, take the middle way through the Granitz to Sellin, about seven kilometres away. Although it is located on a hill, is worth a detour to the pretty Jagdschloss Granitz. The ascent over the free-supporting spiral staircase with its 154 Levels are quickly rewarded, because from the observation deck on the tower roof you have a breathtaking view over Rügen and in good weather even up to Usedom. In the beer garden of the castle you can enjoy a little refreshment before the return trip.

Cycling from Binz to Prora

Total distance 13 km, Total travel time: 45 min
This is where nature lovers in particular get their money's worth, because this tour takes you to the nature heritage centre of Rügen with its distinctive observation tower. The starting point is at the Binzer Lake bridge. The tour continues north. Here you follow the signs in the direction Camping Park Rügen. On the way, you can select the planned KdF bath (Strength through joy) of the National Socialists. Passing the rope garden and the documentation centre, you can reach the Natural Heritage Centre, which offers a wide range of experiences for young and old.

Nice atmosphere in the newly designed KdF Prora

Nice atmosphere in the newly designed KdF Prora

Cycling tour from Binz to Möchgut

Total distance 45 km, Total travel time 2,5 H
At this round 45 Mile-long tour is a varied, combined cycling trip, because you first ride with the bath train “Rasender Roland” through the Granitz to Göhren. You can take your bike in the luggage cart. Now a small country road leads you to Lobbe and the quiet beach Thiesov. Immerse yourself in the picturesque world of the pretty little fishing villages on the idyllic peninsula Mönchgut. Here you can take a relaxing beach break. Back we go in Moritzdorf by ferry boat. About Seedorf and Lancken-Granitz then you will finally be back to Binz. An eventful bike tour for the whole family.

bike map southeast rügen

Mönchgut cycling map Southeast Rügen

And those who prefer to walk, we recommend the beautiful Hiking routes around Binz.