Chronicle of BINZ

A journey through the history of the seaside resort BINZ by 1884 until 2009
  • 1884 Achieved general recognition as a seaside resort BINZ – In the Stralsundischen newspaper, BINZ is mentioned for the first time as a seaside resort

  • 1885 Construction of the Villa “Undine” on the beach promenade as so-called Wolgasthaus – Built the shipyard Volga ster, because of bad orders, Prefabricated wooden houses

  • 1886 Construction of the Villa “Turning” Putbuser Street – First House in the style of bathroom architecture. The pension was off 1929 Otto turn. After his death, his wife successfully continued the pension. Also, today's Villa lake view was built in this year. Then run under the name pension Blücher
  • Family life on the beach below the bathroom style Villa by 1886

    Family life on the Beach below the bath style villa of 1886

  • 1887 Opening of the “East Lake Hotel” on the beach promenade, built by the hotelier Wittmüß (Today Hotel Baltic Sea).

  • 1888 Construction of the Villa “Burmeister” (Today Villa Baltik, Beach promenade.

  • 1889 Construction of the Villa “Germania” in the Bahnhofsstr. – Design of the beach promenade with trees.

  • 1890 Completion of the first Spa Hotel on the seafront – At the opening of the Fürst zu Putbus received Royal visit.

  • 1891 Inauguration of the railway link Altefähr – Sassnitz. BINZ is now accessible from Sassnitz by ship.

  • 1892 Gutsbezirk BINZ is independent of the border in the Wylichstraße rural municipality.

  • 1893 Construction of separate women's- and Mr baths up 1922

  • 1895 Opening of the railway line in Putbus to BINZ. Guests travelling by train (Kleinbahn) at.

  • 1896 Completion of the warm bath with offices of the municipality administration (today: House Guest).

  • 1897 Establishment of the fire brigade.

  • 1898 A post Agency in the House Kliesow.

  • 1899 First hand-mediated Fernsprechanschluss (by 8 until 21 Watch) for the Hotel Seeschloss.

  • 1900 Construction of the Klünderbrücke in front of the hotel Seeschloss.

  • 1901 Opening a market Hall in the Jasmunder road.

  • 1902 First permanent landing bridge with a length of 560 m. Construction costs 130.000 Mark.

  • 1904/05 Destruction of the bridge's Eve through storm and rebuilding 1905.

  • 1909 BINZ is an independent district, Border is the Wylichstraße.

  • 1912 Collapse of the bridge because of large crowds of people, 14 Dead. It is 1913 the German life saving society in Leipzig (DLRG) founded in.

  • 1917 Holidays in times of war: Guests need to bring food stamps and may take any food from BINZ.

  • 1922 Use the bathing facilities is now free and allows free tanning on the beach.

  • 1928 Own coat of arms for BINZ, a red boat on black shaft bars. It grows a lion with Crown, He who symbolized Princes of Rügen.

  • 1933 Establishment of the nationalsozzialistischen leisure work “Strength through joy” (KdF), the between 1935 and 1939 the seaside resort Prora as a bath of the 20.000 planned. After the war began the construction work have been set.

  • 2018 700 Years Binz
  • In the year 2018 was celebrated in Binz the 700th anniversary. The numerous festivals were spread over many months. In the year 1318 Was “Byntze” first mentioned in a document. The traces of the Jubilee can also be 2019 find in numerous places in Binz.

    700 Years Binz Pier

    700 Years Binz Lake bridge

    700 Years Binz near the spa

    700 Years Binz near the spa square Tontafel