The beach in BINZ

It attracts thousands of tourists every year on the beach in BINZ, because of the fine-grained, bright sand of the beach of BINZ probably among the most beautiful of the Baltic Sea. Through the many different sections of the beach, everybody gets what he wants. Here also cleanliness is very important. Various beach bars are open during the summer months. The Beach was 2021 into new areas Divided. The implementation will take place over the coming years.

The fine sandy beach in Binzer Bay

The fine sandy beach in Binzer Bay

What's on the beach of Binz?

Broad beach, Sandy and maintained

The Binzer Beach, with a length of overall 5 km, is a particularly popular point of contact on the island of Rügen by all Sun worshippers, of bathers and also for Sports enthusiasts. This is mainly due to the fine-grained sand and the special neat appearance. All beach areas exclusively for foot are accessible. Sufficient Parking are offered directly in the village and offered near the beach.
Because here the surf particularly gentle turns, by protecting the Bay of Prorer Wieks, It is suitable especially for children. One finds there both textile beaches, Sections for nudist lovers and sections as Dog Beach. All these parts are extra. Offered for sports enthusiasts a wealth of opportunities. These go to the pedal boat and banana boat ride from sailing to the surfing. For a harmless bathing, most beach areas are controlled by the DLRG Monitored. By the way, there are 74 Beach entrances in BINZ.

Beach in Binzer Bay 2021: More modern and new areas

As the OZ reported, a lot should happen on the beach of Binz. To this end, new differentiated areas should be created. Many holidaymakers and locals are said to have expressed their wishes for an even better beach. The planning and implementation times of the divisions are Here to find.

  1. Cultural beach area: In the evenings in summer, the Mütherturm is to be permanently Barefoot concerts To give, without large music systems or amplifiers, all the more atmospheric, simple and chilly.
  2. Green Beach: Here the tours with rangers start, for example, in the Biosphere reserve, on the subject of waste prevention and the environment, comprehensive information is provided. A gastronomically adapted offer or exhibitions is also conceivable. Furthermore, no disposable tableware is offered at any beach bar.
  3. Family beach: Everything is done here in terms of Security. A higher presence of rescue workers and Silicone bracelets for the kids parents can offer more relaxation. On the wristbands, the Parents' mobile phone number Noted, when a child loses track and gets lost in the hustle and bustle, the lifeguards can quickly contact mum or dad.
  4. Sports- and recreational beach: So that there are not always collisions between athletes and sunbathers, the beach sections are separated. New is also a separate spot for Kitesurfer at the present departure 67.
  5. Wi-Fi for All: By Wi-Fi stations at the rescue towers the beach will have extensive wireless internet access for smartphones in the future. Then you can also better use the web-based information system, to make it easier for visitors to find their way around in the future.

Furthermore, the number of Beach baskets be reduced, to make the beach more accessible.

The extensive fine sandy beach of Binz

The extensive fine sandy beach of Binz

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Is there nudist on the beach of Binz?

Skinny dipping allows

The Ostseebad BINZ offers in its beaches as a whole 2 NUDIST areas. About two kilometres from the Lake bridge away there is a 300 m long sandy beach for all lovers of the Nacktbadens and is used by many visitors as well as locals like to. It is located between the beaches 49 and 54. The stretch of beach 49 has been designated as both a textile bath level and NUDIST area. There is also Nacktbader space, to maintain your privacy.
On all parts of the Beach the famous fine sand substrate, as well as the beach chairs famous for the Ostseebad BINZ can be found. There are also sufficient sanitary facilities as well as garbage bins are available.
In the evenings, you will find the opportunity at the approved place, even small fires to burn off. To gather people of different ages and enjoy the fantastic views of the sunset together.

Herbststimmung am Strand von Binz

Herbststimmung am Strand von Binz

If the Binz Beach should be very crowded in the summer, We recommend the Prora Beach, the walk can be reached from BINZ.

Are there shells on the beach of Binz?

Seashell search on the beach

Yes, on the fine beach there are many mussels of the Baltic Sea. Mostly these are the dark mussels, or the cockles. The children have fun with it and collect e.g.. as a decoration for home, or they use it to spoil their sand castles. Depending on the wind direction and current, there are more, sometimes find fewer shells on the beach.

mussels on the beach of binz

Mussels on the beach of Binz