Glass blowing BINZ

Glass blowing Blumberg in BINZ

The glass blowing Blumberg in BINZ is memorable in BINZ. Here you can experience first-hand the ancient crafts. The beautiful objects can be z.B. also as Souvenirs be purchased.

History of glass

Glass fabric accompany the daily life of all people and represent a tool for people for thousands of years. Whether as a window, Vascular, Vase or other artistic objects, Glass is indispensable in everyday life. The Egyptians already presented 5.000 Years vessels and jewelry made of glass here. The glass found its way to Europe and manifested itself in there for the first time in Venice, where between the 11. and 17. Century the first glassblower of Europe their skills were demonstrated. Over the millennia the craft of glass blowing has been perfected and also automated, Thus, for example, the production of bottles in large quantities was made possible.

Glass blowing Blumberg in BINZ
Glass blowing Blumberg in BINZ

Creation of glass art experience

André dared Blumberg 2007 the step towards independence and founded the glass blowing Blumberg. Together with his students he offers visitors the unique opportunity, to experience the traditional craft of glass making. The glass furnace stands in the middle of the shop, making visitors experience the craft and the heat of 1200 Degree of compassion, which is the proprietor of his daily work. From six basic ingredients, glass artwork in the show demonstrates the manufacturing. So the guests follow the fascinating transformation of a glowing lump into a beautiful creature. Vases, Glass animals and other objects made of glass are available in the shop to purchase available. You beautify homes in many different colours and are a timeless piece of memory.

Take action be

Visitors also have the opportunity, the filigree craft to come even closer to, by providing her own balls from glass. The owner of the factory is for it always to services and leads the guests in his craft, so that they themselves can create a colourful decoration item for their apartment. Both children, as well as adults get an insight into the art of almost unchanged, produces the millennia of fascinating and useful items.


The Blumberg glassblowing in BINZ is situated in the Schiller str. 11/ Corner of Margaret Street(on the art mile).