Hikes around Binz

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Hike around the Schmachter See

The region around the Baltic Sea resort of Binz on Rügen invites you to numerous Wanderungen a. Hikers and nature lovers can do very nice tours here, which offer many highlights in the heart of unique nature. The tour around the Schmachter see includes, for example, a total length of 13,5 Kilometers, which are approximately 3 Hours can be completed. There are also possibilities, gastronomic offers to take advantage of. It is a circular route, which can also be used by mountain bike. A disadvantage is, that a part of the, the hike along the busy federal road. Otherwise, the hike in the lonely nature is a nice contrast to the pulsating bustle in the Baltic Sea resort Of Binz. From the lake you can only see something at the beginning and end of the hike.

Schmachter See Binz Hiking

Hiking around the Schmachter See

High-shore hiking trail – Sellin pier

This hike is quite challenging and should only be started by you, if you have some experience in hiking and also “tread-proof” Are. Of course, this also applies to your equipment and thus also to the footwear. The tour can be completed with complete 7,5 Hours. After all, there are more than 28 Kilometres to be covered. However, the paths are consistently easy to manage. You can also reach the start of the tour by public transport.

Ascent to the high shore hiking trail to Sellin

Ascent to the high shore hiking trail to Sellin

Hike to the hunting lodge Granitz

The hiking tour to Jagdschloss Granitz is considered a very easy tour. But the greater the reward, because it allows you to reach one of the greatest viewpoints on the Baltic Islands of Rügen. The total distance is approx.. 5 Kilometer. The hike leads over the Granitz up to the famous castle. For the return journey you can also take a ride on the unique steam train, the “Raging Roland” Select, when you have the opportunity to do so. The starting point of a hike to the castle is the parking lot for hikers on the Klünderberg. Nature with the final moraine area and the Granitz Nature Reserve is definitely worth a hike.

Guided hikes around Binz

The mild irritant climate invites you to hike mainly in spring and autumn. That's why there is the hiking spring and the hiking autumn on Rügen. Here you can take part in numerous guided hikes, most hiking events are free of charge. Spring takes place from mid to late April, the hiking autumn mid to late September. The program booklet can be obtained from the individual spa administrations approximately 2 Months before the first hike, so also in the House Guest. From here, there are also all-year-round All-year-round 10 Watch a guided hike to the hunting lodge Granitz, provided the weather plays with.

Signposts for hikes in Binz

Signposts for hikes in Binz

Who prefers to explore the island by wire donkey, these are our Cycling tours from Binz recommended.