The summer variety of Rügen

The summer variety show - a highlight on the coast of Rügen

In the year 2019 the summer variety show makes a creative break, See you!.

After the great last summer kick-off, We look forward in the year 2018 again impressive artistry, To present acrobatics and comedy in the Kurhaus in Ostseebad BINZ. With us, experience sea culture.

The program is as varied as fascinating.
Entertainer, Ventriloquist, Comedian and singer Kay Scheffel guides you with his roguish charm through the evening.
He presented the Guinness world record holder of the hand on-hand in the last year acrobatics Dou Vladimir, a fireworks of vaulting and partner acrobatics with trio trilogy, a virtuoso of juggling with Gala Kuzmenko, crazy stunts on four legs with Florin & Cato, stunning high art on the Trapeze with Isabel Anobian and many more!
This show will inspire you and carried away! Look forward to an evening you will never forget!

Sommervarité in the Kurhaus BINZ

Sommervarité in the Kurhaus BINZ

The show began in the year 2017 and was 2018 listed from July to late October in the Kurhaus Ostseebad BINZ.

Game times are:
Monday to Wednesday 20:30Watch, Thursday and Friday 16:00Watch and 20:30Watch.
You will receive tickets to all known ticket agencies, in your Hotel and online.
All other information about the show, the tickets and the venue, visit our website at:

For questions about the program or ticket requests, you can reach us under: 030/ 896 55 113
We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy all the guests!

The program for 2019 is in preparation.

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