The escape tower in BINZ


In this way, the Bowl construction by Ulrich Müther also called. This spectacular building is situated at the beach entrance 6 in BINZ. Here, getting a lot is going on in the summer. This emblematic place attracts many couples, There is since may 2006 a External location of the Binzer registry office. The engineer Ulrich Müther had this architectural masterpiece 1981 build, By two half-shells made of concrete have been placed on top of each other. There was even a second rescue Tower shortly after the turn of this type, but with the construction of the Pier in BINZ had to be demolished. Müther was inspired for this kind of object shells.

Müther Rettungsturm Binz

Müther rescue Tower BINZ

Renovation of the Tower Müther 2017

The renovation of the escape tower was begun in January. This is once the thermal refurbishment in the foreground. This special window glass should be used, that regulates the temperature in the Interior. With the help of the Wüstenrot Foundation, the building was until may 2017 for ca. 210.000 Refurbished euro.

Marry BINZ in the escape tower

Marriage-willing should sign up in time, because this ceremony room is frequented heavily. Since may 2017 are marriages possible again. The municipal administration of the Ostseebad BINZ awards ceremony dates and informed about the necessary formalities.

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Hochzeit im Mütherturm 2019

Wedding in the Mütherturm 2019

About Urlrich Müther

Born on 21. July 1934 in BINZ, died on 21. August 2007 in Binz was a German construction engineer and entrepreneur. He created numerous concrete shell constructions. The most famous buildings are the Teepot in Warnemünde or the Spa mussel in Sassnitz. In the Baltic Sea resort of Binz, 3. October 2015 a Place on the beach promenade named after Müther. On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Binz in the year 2018 Müther was given a themed week from 17. until 21. September 2018 Honored. Excursions, free lectures and an exhibition reminded of the Binzer Müther (Source: Wikipedia).

Kurmuschel Sassnitz

Kurmuschel Sassnitz by Ulrich Müther