Museum Baltic Sea Resort Binz

The local history museum of the Baltic Sea resort

The museum is located in the small railway station of the Raging Roland. Exhibits and objects are shown here, which contradicts the history of the seaside resort. In the museum are various rooms, such as a fisherman's/farmers' parlour from the year 1870 re-enacted, or a farmer's kitchen around 1914/20. You can also admire a guest room and the swimwear of the time. An extensive historical postcard collection is just as vivid. In the future there will also be various special exhibitions.

The museum is part of the visitor centre in the Small Railway Station in the Bahnhofstr. 54 with tourist information, Reading corner and library.

Museum in the Kleinbahnhof Binz

Museum in the Kleinbahnhof Binz

Opening hours of the Visitor Centre:

February – October:

Montag – Friday: 09.00 Watch – 18.00 Watch

Saturday – Sunday: 09.00 – 12.45 Watch & 13.15 -17.00 Watch

November – January:

Montag – Friday: 09.00 Watch – 16.00 Watch

Saturday – Sunday: 09.00-12.45 & 13.15 Watch -16.00 Watch