Day trip to Sweden by Skane Jet

Since the 17. September 2020 a new fast ferry operates between Sassnitz and Ystad in Sweden. After the “King's Line” their journey in spring 2020 After 111 years had ceased, was looking for an alternative, since the crossing from Rostock to Trelleborg with 6 Hours of driving time takes too long for many. The journey time of the new ferry is only 2,5 to extend the time sb has to pay sth, so that you can e.g.. can take a nice day trip to southern Sweden.

Skane Jet Ferry

Skane Jet Ferry

Ystad: Sweden's Hollywood

The tranquil town of Ystad is well known for the beautiful scenery in the numerous Kurt Wallander Crime novels by Henry Mankell. The small town is very well on foot in only 5 Minutes from the ferry port. The numerous small brick houses, Churches and the monastery are very nice points of contact. Just outside on a hill above Kaseberga numerous Hinkel stones lie the “Ales Stenar”, which date back to the Viking era. Who would rather shop in Malmö, can be conveniently connected by train to the 63 Drive for one km from Malmö.

The ferry

That 1998 at the Australian shipyard Incat built ship used to sail under the name Fjord Cat between Denmark and Norway. The ferry is actually a 91 m long and 26 m wider High-speed catamaran. With its 4 powerful motors with a total 40.000 PS creates the Skane Jet a speed of 44 Node, which is about 81 km/h corresponds to.
Fit on the ship 676 Passengers and 210 Cars, Motorhomes are possible. On board there are several shopping opportunities and gastronomy. The friendly staff will be happy to advise you on purchasing. The catamaran is controlled by the Shipping company FRS (Förde shipping company Maritime Tourism) Flensburg operated. He sails under the Cypriot flag.

Comfortable leather armchairs in the Skane jet

Comfortable leather armchairs in the Skane jet

Gastronomy at Skane Jet

Gastronomy at Skane Jet

The prices

The prices (As of September 2020) are available for an adult for a one-way ride in the high season. 29 Euro, in the low season in October at 24 Euro. Children up to 16 Years pay half, Infants up to 3 Years are free of charge. If you want to make the crossing by car or motorhome, you should first refer to the side of the Shipping company FRS , since a day trip with your own car does not make sense.
You can make your booking until 24 STD. rebook or cancel free of charge before departure!

The roadmap 2021

The catamaran runs every Thursday to Sunday between Sassnitz and Ystad.

Roadmap from the 20.03.2021 until 31.10.2021

Departure Sassnitz 08:15 | Arrival Ystad 10:45 – Departure Ystad 11:45 | Arrival Sassnitz 14:15
Departure Sassnitz 15:45 | Arrival Ystad 18:15 – Departure Ystad 19:15 | Arrival Sassnitz 21:45

Parking in Mukran at the ferry port

Who arrives by car, can park comfortably in the parking lot at the ferry port, prices are moderate, the hour costs 1 Euro, that Day ticket 6 Euro. It is important to, that you can. 60 min before departure is on site, the terminal closes 30 min before departure.
It is recommended to book the tickets online, otherwise a Fee of 5 Euro per booking at the ticket counter is charged.

Day trip-knaller

Currently there is a day trip offer for families valid until November 1st 2020. For a family of four (2 Adults and 2 Children) costs the hin- and return journey on the same day together only 132 Euro instead of 174 Euro.

Always good ride and always a hand-width water under the keel.