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Short holiday lies in the trend. Binz, the most important seaside resort of the island of Rügen is perfectly suitable for a short holiday. There's the villas in the style of long beach promenade surrounded by special shine Bath architecture to see all along the line. The absolute charm of the turn of the century inspires all guests of the popular seaside resort.
His Lake bridge, they can with their 370 Meters hinauf proudly stands in the vast sea, pay a visit every visitor to the seaside resort with pleasure. these Lake bridge is the second longest on the island of Rügen. Start here both excursions by boat to the popular chalk cliffs, as well as to the neighbouring resorts of Rügen.
The is a place to rest and relax Schmachter see not far from the Binz Baltic beach. In the evening, this lake is a well-known meeting place, to see the sunset. For walkers, there is a marked hiking trail. This is over a large area around the entire Lake.

Holiday rentals Grubnow estate

Find accommodation for your short trip: Hotel vs. Self catering holiday rental

In addition to numerous Hotels one finds many in BINZ Apartments. In each accommodation has its preliminary- and disadvantages.

The following tabular form a direct comparison between hotels and apartments

Hotel Cêres and Villa lake view apartments in BINZ

Hotel Lake View of The Céres and Villa Apartments in BINZ

Hotels Apartments
Can be rent for just one night. Usually you can only an apartment 3 Rent nights.
Catering in the House. Usually breakfast is inbegreiffen. Mostly self catering.
Fixed meal times, often crowded dining rooms. Flexible, Since you self catered for, just with children eating in the hotel can mean much stress.
Often family-friendly with many leisure activities for children. For the Family Particularly suitable: Lots of activities for children.
Smaller rooms, often only one room, Problem with young children. More space, several rooms and larger apartments, often with garden.
No kitchen, You can z.B. no coffee. Own kitchen, associated namely with more work, but flexible, It feels domestic.

Leisure activities during the short holiday

That Jagdschloss Granitz is located in the middle of a huge forest area and is definitely worth a visit. It is the most visited Castle in the whole Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Also called the Crown of Rügen. That Jagdschloss Granitz is open all year round. Who's got the courage, his 38 Metre high central tower over the 154 cast iron levels to climb, will receive a special reward. The fantastic view of the entire island of Rügen to the Bay of BINZ.
Treetop path Prora means a trip to the nature, at the same time insight into the animal- flora and fauna of the mixed beech forest. In the Centre of the Prora treetop path allows a 40 Metre high observation tower a great and wide views of the countryside of the island of Rügen. When visibility is good, the pylons of the Rügen bridge and the top of steeple of Stralsund are on top of that to recognize.
The 1250 Meters long path has various experience stations. A water crank visitors through an independent cranks learn to feel the power of a tree, he needed for water transport from the roots to the treetops. A specially calibrated binoculars illustrates the Visual performance of a white-tailed eagle and various bird nests can be admired in the Eagle's nest.