The KdF Prora

Condos kdf Prora

Condos kdf Prora

That “KdF” or the “Colossus of Rügen” is another attractions highlight of the island of Rügen. KdF was a National Socialist Organization, the force was called by joy. Here in Prora, 6 km north of Binz should arise once the biggest seaside resort. 1936, so in exactly 80 The foundation stone was laid years. It should be after three years of construction a 12 arise km long remote Ibrahim position of superlatives, in the 20.000 People at the same time could make holiday. However, due to the outbreak of the second world war, the work rested and the object was never completed. Further information on the history of the Kdf can be found at

Laying of foundation stone on May 2 1936

On May 2 1936 was the foundation stone for this “Kdf seaside resort of Mukran” set. Also this ceremony was tremendous, it were used trains from Szczecin and roads closed. A large rally of high representative was accompanied by the company of the Marinestandort Sassnitz with band. Also from the sea and from the air the onslaught was accompanied. In only 17 Construction period of eight planned running together blocks and a part of the quay wall turnkey were completed months. But was never completed the object.

Colossus of Rügen: 4,5 km of concrete and masonry

Colossus of Rügen: 4,5 km of concrete and masonry

The kdf to times of the GDR

At the beginning of the 50s began with military use. Parts of the 4,5 km of long building was used as a barracks and military schools. Some blocks were empty and were left to the vandalism. In the nördlchen area, they tried the dismantling by blasting, but the attempt was unsuccessful. In the southern section, the NVA was recreation home “W. Ulbricht”. After the turn of the 1990 the area taken over by the German armed forces, They however 1992 Prora was completely off. Later settled there several projects, like an artist's workshop and a NVA Museum map.

Kdf Prora construction of apartments

Kdf Prora Construction of the Apartments

The KdF today

In the year 2011 opened a youth hostel in the block V in the North of the KdF. A large tent site for young people and school is located right in front of the entrance of the hostel. The proximity of the Baltic Sea is often used for beach parties of young people. Was also after a long vacancy in the year 2013 begun to redevelop the southern blocks and to redevelop as a holiday property for sale. Occur there for three years 1- 5 bedroom condominiums up to.

In the future, investments are by 700 Planned millions of euro. As a super seaside resort, several Hotels, a marina and a Lake bridge planned. In addition, are a shopping area and a 104 m high tower on the planning list.

Nice atmosphere in the newly designed KdF Prora

Nice atmosphere in the newly designed KdF Prora

Tip: The Permanent exhibition power holiday in the block III with numerous backgrounds to the KdF seaside resort at Prora project.


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