Directions to BINZ

There are many opportunities in the Baltic Sea resort of BINZ to arrive.

Arrival by car

The arrival by car after BINZ has greatly improved over the last years. Due to the construction of the A20 Baltic Sea Autobahn, travel time from Hamburg was the follower of Grimmen to Rügen island or. Berlin strongly reduced. Also the 2007 Rügen bridge inaugurated in ensures almost always a steady traffic. From Rügen you can also on an expressway, that is temporary roadways, very well come through. In Bergen, you then turn towards coastal resorts. Continue on Prora Binz over a level crossing until reaching the junction turn left towards. As an alternative, it can of course also the course of the road 196 continue to follow and turn left after Zirkow on Seram's Hoamal the L29. This line might be even slightly shorter.

Arrival by train

The journey by train is relaxing and enjoyable. Every day some ICs and ICEs from many cities of in Germany on the island drive. BINZ has its own railway station, He is also pretty centrally located. The prices of the ride should be explored precisely in advance, as it may be for a single ticket for a person from Cologne to the Binz 128 Euro must shell out.

The train station of Binz

The train station of Binz

Since the summer 2021 there is a new direct connection from Dresden to Binz. So you can travel comfortably from the Lansdeshaupstdt of Saxony to the Baltic Sea. The train station in Binz is very centrally located, in a few minutes you are on foot in its Self catering holiday rental or the Hotel. Also the Lake bridge is not far away from the train station. Another advantage for travelling by train is climate neutrality.

Remote bus

The very inexpensive long-distance buses are in fashion. There are some providers, as the PostBus or a long-distance bus services in the UBB (Usedomer Bäderbahn), drive but not directly on the island of Rügen. The company of Flixbus (MeinFernbus) offers a ride with a transfer in Berlin to BINZ. However you have to take much time, as always time again guests want to get off, or. the move to Berlin is not seamless. The prices are very cheap. They vary between 15 and 40 Euros for a single ticket.

By plane

Rügen has a small airfield (Güttin), no larger passenger planes can land on the. That's why you can fly only to Rostock Laage. Planes from Munich and other cities from Lufthansa land in Rostock every day. From here, it is then further either with bus, Shuttle-taxi or by car. Here, too, the prices vary greatly, Depending on the season and time of booking.


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