Comparison North Sea – Baltic Sea

Which coast is more beautiful for holidaymakers?

Whether North Sea or Baltic Sea, both coasts have their- and disadvantages. The North Sea can still be integrated into the heavily marked tidal (Wadden sea) and into the with weaker tides (Ebb and flow) Divide shaped seas. The border to the Wadden sea lies in the Netherlands at Den Helder.
The Baltic Sea is all-round. hardly visibly shaped by tides, there is virtually no ebb or flow here. The Baltic Sea is a Inland sea, this makes it much quieter.

Why there are no tides in the Baltic Sea?

The North Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. From here come through the Attraction of the Moon c.a. All 6 hours the many water masses in the North Sea. In contrast, the Baltic Sea is almost a Inland sea. There is only a small connection to the North Sea. As a result, the Water levels in the Baltic Sea only to 10 until 15 Cm.

North Sea in the Netherlands vs. Baltic Sea in Binz on Rügen

North Sea in the Netherlands vs. Baltic Sea in Binz on Rügen

Below is a direct comparison between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

North sea Baltic Sea
Rough Sea, magnificent dunes, ideal for purists, Wider Beach. Playful, Forests, Cliffs and hills, more alternation, narrow beach.
Sporty rather something for professionals, very strong swell very much wind. Many sports offers for beginners, shallow water, not so rough the sea.
Less suitable with small children, because very long distances and too strong swell. Better suited for young children, shallow water, less swell.
Dogs can have a better time on the North Sea, since there is much more space on the beach. Narrower beaches, Special Dog beaches for the four-legged friend.
Better water quality, because the higher salinity has fewer bacteria. Slightly higher exposure in the summer months due to the lower salinity of the water. For this, more pleasant water temperatures.
Accessibility is similarly good, except e.g.. the journey to the island of Sylt can lead to an adventure. In summer it can get fuller at narrow junctions, Rügen/Usedom/Darss.
Leisure activities, z.B. Beach festivals take place on the North Sea. Also on the Baltic Sea coast you will find a similar number of leisure events during the season.
Shopping in smaller souvenir shops on the North Sea is possible. On the Baltic Sea, for example, you can. in Binz a rich offer for Shopping. Even better are the old towns in the hinterland, z.B. Lübeck, Rostock, Stralsund.
The prices (Accommodation, Gastronomy) on the North Sea are very different depending on the location, moderate on average. The prices on the Baltic Sea are similar to those on the North Sea.
Get married is very popular on the North Sea, weddings often take place on the beach or in old lighthouses. The Baltic Sea coast is littered with numerous wedding locations. Whether on the beach, or on a Lake bridge, there are many possibilities here.

Weddings on the water

Weddings on North- or Baltic Sea are becoming more and more popular. According to the motto “Getting married where others go on holiday” wedding parties at the many registry offices often give themselves the Jack in hand, especially if it is a special date, as z.B. the 19.09.19 or the 20.02.2020 … . For the most beautiful day of their lives, the ladies of the wedding party need a matching elegant evening dress or one of the beautiful evening dresses, which is best bought online. As a special registry office, for example,. the Rescue tower in Binz.


In general, each coast has its- and disadvantages. A real winner cannot be determined. Every area on the two seas has its charms. For some, the Nature Crucial, for the other, the Infrastructure. Who likes it a little warmer, the Baltic Sea is recommended, who likes the rough North Sea, it is better taken care of there. For a Holiday each must make his or her own decision, just like at a wedding by the sea.

Sunsets on the North and Baltic Sea

Sunsets on the North and Baltic Sea