Playgrounds in BINZ

BINZ and Prora have altogether six playgrounds. These playgrounds are pretty well hidden, at first glance, you can see even no place to play. That is probably the part of the dense development towards the seafront. In the summer months bungee are near the Sea Bridge- Trampoline set up, which can be used against a small fee. Small children can also use the equipment directly on the promenade below enumerates the game options in BINZ and Prora:

1. Equipment on the beach promenade

Occasionally small playground equipment is located on the promenade of BINZ, the ideal for the little ones are.

Toys for children at the Binzer promenade

Toys for children at the Binzer promenade

Wood sculpture BINZ

Please do not put here climb

2. Water playground at the Schmachter Lake Wylichstraße

During the summer months the little ones on the water playground can am Schmachter see their creativity free rein and with the water toys splash, Injection, Matschen and and other cooling. This playground with the promenade of Lake Schmachter was on the occasion of IGA 2003 built as a branch of the international horticultural exhibition, the so-called Park of Sinne.Er is with trees, Shrubs, Hedges and flowers, but also with terraces, Fountain, small water courses, Benches and playground equipment.

Water playground of Schmachter Lake in the Park of the senses

Water playground of Schmachter Lake in the Park of the senses

Follow more information and pictures of the following playgrounds.

3. Playground Sweden road

4. Playground at the treetop path Prora

5. Playground at the sports field

6. Raven road

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