Farmer Lange® Lieschow

Day trip tip for families with children Farmer Lange® in Lieschow


In the west of Rügen, near the island of Ummanz in Lieschow you will find the adventure farm for a great trip. The child-friendly farm exists after major renovation since 2001 in this form. Love of land is very important here. In addition to the visit of the active agriculture with animal husbandry and vegetable cultivation, you can also romp to your heart's content here, z.B. climb on straw bales or use one of the numerous pedal vehicles, and all this for free.

Adventure barn with pig cinema

Annually at the 1. March opens the adventure barn with pig cinema. Inside there is a rustic restaurant with regional seasonal dishes and a farm shop with original Rügen products. Seasonal dishes, means z.B. Asparagus from our own cultivation according to the motto: “We plant, harvest and cook for you.” In summer, there are always Fridays and Sundays at 17 Clock the grill started. A cultural program is also offered from time to time.

Fireplace Bauer Lange®

Fireplace Bauer Lange®

Rosi & Rudi

In the rear area of the adventure barn is the “Pig Cinema”, so the pigsty with Rosi and Rudi. Rosi is the biggest sow in Rügen and the most successful lucky pig. Here you can watch in healthy country air how Rosi z.B. lovingly caring for their children. Round 20 Pigs are on the farm.

Dumper driving school

Here at Bauer Lange® you can do your dumper diploma. A dumper is a compact construction vehicle, with front tilting trough. After successful participation in the driving school, the master of the house can call himself "Professional Rügen Dumper Driver". But also a children's driving school can be found here. There, the little ones can be part of a tour of the entire farm in the individual wagons.

Children's driving school

Children's driving school

Below are the individual Attractions at a glance:

  • Playground
  • Lawn
  • Table tennis
  • Pedal vehicles for young and old
  • Bike
  • Farm animals (Pig Cinema (Rosi & Rudi) , Guinea pig, Hares, Chickens,
    Feline, Ponies, Dwarf goats)
  • Straw castle
  • Large pool with waterslide
  • 3 huge trampolines
  • Dumper driving school
  • Corn maze

Straw bales for climbing

Straw bales for climbing

Culinary & Shopping and accommodation:

  • Restaurant with regional, seasonal hearty dishes
  • Farm shop with Rügen products
  • Barbecue
  • Siggi’s Antique & Junk barn
  • Apartments and motorhome parking


Opening hours Bauer Lange

9:00 – 17:00 Watch

8:00 – 18:00 Watch

May – June
8:00 – 20:00 Watch
(Hot meals up to 19.00 Watch)

July – August
8:00 – 21:00 Watch
(Hot meals up to 20.00 Watch)

8:00 – 20:00 Watch
(Hot meals up to 19:00 Watch)

8:00 – 20:00 Watch

November – February
Time for events – your company party, Oktoberfest, Farmers' Ball, New Year's Eve party and much more.
Current events can be found here.
Entrance free

Pool with slide

Pool with slide


There are several ways to get there. Either drive to Rambin and then keep left, or you drive via Samtens in the direction of Dreschvitz and Gingst. From Gingst keep left in the direction of ummanz Island.

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