Cape Arkona

The North Cape of in Germany

lighthouses Cape arkona

Cape Arkona is the northernmost municipality of Rügen. In the past, it was also the nmost recent point of the GDR. The municipality has put under their protection the landscape around the Cape. You can see that the stilled traffic and the environmentally friendly transport in the whole territory. Entering this zone is permitted only to persons with disabilities and residents. All others have the option of a Collective parking to explore the tourist area, walk, by carriage or with the Arkona Railway. The area is unique, that Chalk cliff Towers 42 m from the sea.

Municipality of Putgarten

Putgarten is the northernmost municipality of Rügen. From the above mentioned car park the tour to the area monument begins with tourist information and gift shop Cape Arkona. As the first station, a visit to the Rügenhof. Here you can see the traditional arts and crafts over the shoulder. There is a basketry, a jewelry- and fragrance shop, a woodworking shop and a shop of amber, a candle shop as well as the manufactory of the Rügener Kreidemännchens. For the physical well-being of the Rügen Hof serves Café, Kids can enjoy themselves on the playground.


Chalk males on the Rügen farm

The two lighthouses on the Cape

Where is there something? Two lighthouses so close together? There's the Cape Arkona. Earlier the Cape served as guidance of seafarers. In the year 1827 the first Lighthouse according to plans of Karl Friedrich Schinkel completed. The 23 m high tower has a height of fire by 66 m ü.NN. and was still in 8 Nautical miles to be seen. He is the most famous lighthouse in the Baltic Sea and the second oldest after the Travemünder Tower.
In the years 1901/02 the second tower was built next door and electrified with a Halogen metal vapor lamp. Inauguration was 1905. The light of the 35 m of high tower is still in 24 Nautical miles to see distance. At an altitude of 28 located near a viewing platform, that can be seen.

leuchttuerme kap arkona

From the lighthouse at Cape Arkona

The Slavic castle wall

A monument to Bagan culture. One view from the lighthouse in Southeast, this is how you can see behind the Peilturm the remains of the piled-up ramparts of the Slavic Castle Arkona. Inside the castle there was the sanctuary of the four God Swantevit. In the year 1107 the Danes destroyed the facility and initiated the Christianization. TIP: A AudioWalk with 7 Stations added the info on the castle wall. For this purpose, a Smartphone Required, with which you can scan the QR code on the respective stations.

Fishing village Vitt

As if the time has stopped. The fishing village is located in 1 km away to the East. The place has no articles of incorporation. He is already in the 10.Jh. have belongs to the fortress of Arkona. The place consists of 13 Thatched houses. There's a fish smoker and Cafés. Here there are many delicacies with maritime flair. From there one has an enchanting view of the cliffs and the lighthouses again.
On the way back to the starting point, you can arrive at the small octagonal shore chapel from the year 1816 over, the 2017 has been comprehensively refurbished.

uferkapelle kap arkona

Cape Arkona River Chapel

Vitt fish Smokehouse

Vitt Harbour and fish Smokehouse