Water sports in BINZ

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The classic and sports on the beach

The Ostseebad BINZ, represents the annual destination for many tourists from home and abroad, is a true mecca for water sports enthusiasts. Download the sandy Baltic Sea Beach and the gentle waves of the Baltic Sea not only to the relaxed, splashing a, but offer plenty of locals and travelers, to sporting press in the wet element.

Water sports in BINZ

Water sports in BINZ

The classics on the Baltic Sea

Conquer the harsh waves, the width of the Baltic experience and can rely on the others in the team. Sailing is a team sport, who can inspire young and old. The Baltic Sea offers an excellent terrain for this. Experienced sailors provide taster or the possibility in BINZ, during your stay to make the sailing license and soon the sailboat to explore the Baltic Sea.

Not only off the coasts of Australia or the US, surfers out of the water are impossible to imagine. Also in BINZ, one finds surfer, the conquer the rugged charm of the Baltic Sea. Here goes you like on the Board and uses the high waves of the Baltic Sea for a thrilling ride across the water.

In the summer: Much hustle and bustle, Sport and fun on the beach

In the summer: Much hustle and bustle, Sport and fun on the Beach

Drive pedal
The surf is too wild and too boring sailing, He can sit on the best banana and his friends enjoy a ride across the Baltic Sea. Like on a sled you can comfortably glide with the whole Clique over the water and discover the beach from a new perspective. A time-honored fun for young and old visitors to Baltic Sea.

Kayak, you can discover the secluded places of the popular resort relaxed. Whether beginner or expert, the kayak can be along the Baltic Sea, paddling on rivers and enjoy nature.

State of the art water sports

Sports in the wet element are offered in addition to the classics.

Stand up paddling
Endurance and a good sense of balance will be at the stand up paddling by dire straits. The mix of surfing and Kajnu drive enables, quickly to cover a large distance in water.

Wakeboarding/water skiing
Pulled by a motorboat, slides of the Wakeboarder rapidly across the water. Experienced water sportsmen can perform amazing tricks with the Board in the Baltic Sea. Water skiing and wakeboarding is no longer offered in Binz, therefore, we recommend the Cableparks in Zirkow.

Prices 2019 Water sports

Prices 2020 Water sports

Directly at the beach exit with the number 28 is the team of Binzer Wassersport. Here you can rent surf equipment, or comfortably ride a few laps with the pedal boat. There are also courses in water sports.