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Events in Binz and environs

In the Baltic Sea resort Binz there is always a lot going on. For example, annual recurring, but also unique events in the seaside resort.. Be it concerts on the Kurplatz, or the traditional bathing at the beginning of May. The information calendar can be obtained monthly from the spa administration, or in advance on the online platform .. You can also find here the current host directory for the Binzer Bay for the season, or a wheel- and Map for the Granitz and the Schmachter see.

Halloween on the treetop path

Prora (eak). Early Friday evening of the 22. In October, the intrepid of all ages can join the team of the Natural Heritage Centre 17.30 Watch embark on a mystical Halloween guided tour on the treetop path. In the semi-darkness of the October night, the boundaries between the worlds blur. Only courage – even young brave people are welcome here.

Note: Children, who appear costumed, get free admission.

Below are the current events of the treetop path in Prora..

Treetop path Prora September 2021

Sunny days, cool nights and warm bright colors. This is only available in September. It slowly heralds autumn and the ripe fruits are just waiting to be harvested. A walk through the colourful nature is always worthwhile.

Mushroom lovers beware! On our mushroom walk through the diverse forests of the Prora, your questions will be, which you have been carrying around with you in the pasture basket for a long time, expertly answered. So, into the mushrooms! Early risers are also rewarded. Join us on the treetop path to the observation tower "Eagle's Nest" and experience an exclusive and spectacular sunrise over the Baltic Sea from a bird's eye view.

treetop path-september21

Treetop Path Program September 2021

Treetop Path September21-1

Treetop Path Program September 2021

Treetop path Prora August 2021

The days in August are sunny and warm, it's just midsummer. But what is a wonderful summer day without the perfect ending? On the treetop path you can experience it in a special way. Up to the 26. August there are extended opening hours on Thursdays. Here visitors have the opportunity, to end the evening with a walk over the treetops and with a bit of luck, the extraordinary play of colors of the setting sun can be observed.

But beware! A look into the summer night sky is also worthwhile. Night owls have the chance, watch the charming Persead rain from the observation tower "Eagle's Nest" from the front row. There are still wishes left unfulfilled?

Treetop Path Program August 2021

Treetop Path Program August 2021

Treetop Path Program August 2021

Treetop Path Program August 2021 Page 2