Charles Erlebnisdorf Zirkow

Game, Fun and action for the whole family

Now is “Charles” popular and well known beyond the borders of the land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The adventure village in Zirkow is a mixture of free In- and outdoor playground with farm shop and rich gastronomy. Karl's Elebnis village is open all year round.

Charles: It started with the strawberry

The Obstbauer Robert Dahl in the vicinity of Rostock moved to turn of the, where he opened a small Strawberry farm. The heritage er cultivation and sales boomed from year to year more and more, so that was a great concept around the strawberry. The farm shop was expanded and extended by numerous attractions. Not just strawberries and other fruit, but also many other things, as gift items, Candles and sweets found place in the ever-growing store. The concept is, the mostly free game- and fun attractions and the “By the way shopping” were in the farm shop and are accepted by the tourists and locals. Hence the sites built out, so that there are now five experience sites. Whether climbing, Swings, Slides or craft, Here everyone can find his fun. In Rövershagen near Rostock, the annual Ice world Instead of, currently on an area of 2000 square metres that in one of the last years showed the 800-year history of the city of Rostock.

Charles in Zirkow since may 2012

Only twelve kilometres from BINZ, between the mountains and the seaside, you will find the Charles holiday village directly on the B 196. The great outdoors is a game dream for families with children. That Corn maze is a big attraction in autumn. The Tire slide, the Children's farm and the tractor railway are just some of the many attractions. In the catering industry out there there are numerous from the charcoal grill. Inside, everyone will find something in the rich gastronomic offer. The price of the food depends on the weight of the food. A family trip to Zirkow is worthwhile in any case.

Entrance of Charles in Zirkow

Entrance of Charles in Zirkow

Slide tower with Charles in Zirkow since 2016

Slide tower with Charles in Zirkow since 2016

Indoorspielplatz Charles in Zirkow

Indoorspielplatz Charles in Zirkow


The village of experience inside the mountains of Zirkow is directly on the main road towards BINZ, Sellin Baabe Göhren leads. The 350 Parking is free of charge. By BINZ is the distance after Zirkow just over 8 Kilometer, so a “Stone's throw”.

Karla open in winter

Karls is also open in winter

Opening hours

The opening hours of all adventure villages are Open daily from 8-19 Watch, 365 Days of the year. On some days, z.B. most 1. Christmas Day is not possible to shop in the farm shop. Dogs are allowed, but must be led on a leash.

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