Visitor's tax

Tax, Spa map or tourism contribution as of January 2021

The tax in BINZ is a public duty on the basis of the municipal tax act in BINZ. It serves the manufacturing, Purchase, Extension, Improvement, Renewal, Management of public facilities of the Spa- and recreational purposes, z.B. for the clean am Beach. The amounts are per person per day.

In BINZ, you pay following tourist tax:

  • Adults pay in the spa zone (Binz, Campsites in Prora) all year round 2,80 Euro a day, Children up to 2 Years are free of charge
  • Dogs cost 1 Euro per day, maximum 30 Euro per year
  • Persons with a degree of disability of 100 are exempt, for their accompanying persons the spa tax is 2,80 €
  • relationship 1. Grades is not exempt from payment of the spa tax in the case of free accommodation in the house community. Spa cards for these persons are issued by the spa administration.

Day visitors can buy your electoral map directly to various beach exits at the Automat.

Tax maker in BINZ with coin payment or card payment

So just day visitors pay tax in BINZ. The machine is with coin payment or card payment

The free services provided with electoral map of BINZ:

  • Free use of bath cars in BINZ, Baabe, Sellin without Rasender Roland, Jagdschloss express and Proraexpress
  • House Guest: Tourist information, Reading corner, Children's playroom, free Wi-Fi and surf stations
  • Visitor centre in the small museum BINZ train station: Tourist information and library (Books, DVD's, Corporate- and PC games etc.), Reading corner, free Wi-Fi and surf stations.
  • Concerts and various other events including on am Kurplatz, Local tours of BINZ, Children's events
  • Beach use in the Baltic Sea resort of BINZ and Sassnitz, Putbus, Sellin and area “Mönchgut”
  • Use the toilets in the beach in BINZ, the toilet in the Schmachter Lake Road, in the Guest House, at the breakpoint coaches and in the small railway station (seasonal opening hours)

Discounted services with the electoral map of BINZ:

  • Offers of the Spa administration: Lectures and other events in the House of guest
  • Walks & guided walks
  • Cycling
  • Bus excursion
  • Admission to the Vitamar adventure pool at the IFA Rügen Hotel & Holiday Park
  • Entrance to the theater Putbus and the Black-headed Gull Baabe
  • Beach parking in Gager
  • "Oxygen-cosmetic Studio and more" in BINZ (Applications and products)
  • Admission to the school Museum of Middelhagen
  • Ticket prices at the water ski cable car in Zirkow
  • Admission to the Heritage Centre RÜGEN, Prora
  • 10% Discount on the full fare in the bath- and experience world Ahoy! RÜGEN in Sellin
  • Who has to pay the spa tax?
  • Refuse tourist tax: What punishment can be threatened? Information about Legal information on tourist tax

Valid from 01.01.2021: The Spa tax statute 2021 for Binz as a .pdf

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